Saturday, 30 November 2013

Natures Beauty Bag November 2013

There's a new beauty subscription on the block. What's different about this one? It's all natural products, and this one comes every second month (making it more affordable). Although it's based in Australia, it also ships to New Zealand, U.S.A. Canada, the U.K and Singapore! So now I have your attention, do you want to see what's in my November bag?

Excuse the dark photos, I'm under the weather and not on top of my photo game today. Anyway, I just wanted to mention first up, I love the actual bag my products came in. It's not thin and flimsy like I expected. Made from thick durable fabric, this nicely stitched bag has a pretty satin lining and a big magnetic closure. I'm going to enjoy carrying this in my handbag for my make up and lip balm on the go.
Absolutely Gorgeous organic lip balm in Coconut and Lime
Speaking of  lip balm, the first thing I found was this Absolutely Gorgeous organic lip balm in coconut and lime. It smells pleasant and refreshing. Just a tiny amount on your finger turns to an oil instantly. It's easy to apply, but I wouldn't leave it in a hot car. This couldn't have come at a better time as I have a cold. The super moisturising balm has been absolute heaven for my dry lips. I love the tin packaging too. It's only $5.95 on the Absolutely Gorgeous website.

Cherry Brown natural mineral lipstick in Hot Pink
This Cherry Brown lipstick in Hot Pink doesn't have any glossiness, but there is a slight shimmer. I'm actually surprised at how the moisturising it feels for a formula which is predominantly matte. The colour doesn't suit me at all, but I do like the formula a lot. I'd like more natural lip products so I'm excited to try another shade from the Cherry Brown range, hopefully soon.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Intensive Eye Serum
This Australian Bush Flower Essences Intensive Eye Serum is a thick and very moisturising cream without any greasiness. I don't normally use a separate product for the eye area, but I'll see if this convinces me that I need to. I've only just started, so I'll let you know how I go in a few days.

$10 voucher for any Marina's Ambrosia products
The Marina's Ambrosia website features a tempting array of natural skin care, make up and sunscreen. The Natures Beauty (November) Bag includes a $10 off voucher for subscribers to choose something for ourselves from the Marina's Ambrosia site. Maybe I'll try a lipstick ($29.95), made with lovely ingredients such as avocado butter, macadamia nut oil and Vitamin E, hand made by Maria herself. Apparently she adds extra colour so the lipsticks are not only moisturising, but leave a long lasting stain on the lips.

Morlife Cacao Mint Greens Rush bar
O.K I'm a little scared to try this Cacao Mint Greens Rush bar. I'm not a fan of mint, and the list of ingredients includes broccoli, celery, alfalfa, and asparagus. There are more familiar snack bar ingredients like apple and pineapple though. It has the antioxidant equivalent of 5 serves of vegetables and fruits, and contains minerals, prebiotics and probiotics. They actually call it a "live raw food bar". Oh and it's not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant women. Now I'm really afraid, but because I love you guys, I'm going to try it......oh man it looks like tar with little bits of fibre in it. It's not too bad. It tastes a bit like a Christmas cake made with plain flour so it didn't rise. It's very heavy, not sure if I can finish it. Interesting though. I really wish Morlife gave us their Goji Antiox museli to try because the one on the pamphlet they sent looks delicious. I just saw on their site that it's available at Woolworths supermarkets, so I'll give it a try.

Rubifresh Cleansing Oil
I thought this Rubifresh Cleansing Oil would be like Dermalogica's Precleanse, but you don't use it the same way. It is brilliant at lifting all of your makeup, even waterproof mascara, as you massage it all over your face. However you don't add water and your regular cleanser to wash it away (I tried this first and I had to use my gel cleanser 4 times to get it off). This one is like when you have very greasy hands from cooking or eating greasy food. You need to wipe it away with a tissue or damp cloth first. In fact Rubifresh advises you to leave it at this point, I guess as a form of moisturiser. I'd rather get it all off with a cleansing gel so I know my face is completely clean. Interesting product. I never seem to get it all off, so this might be best for people with dry skin??

The Little Alchemist Ultra C Radiance Serum
I've been a long term user of The Little Alchemist's Ultra C Radiance serum. You're supposed to use it before your moisturiser, but if I do that, I feel like the moisturiser can't be absorbed. I use 2 to 3 drops morning and night after my moisturiser to seal in the moisture, and give my skin a lovely healthy glow. Ultra C contains anti ageing ingredients such as Vitamin C, Co Enzyme Q10, chia seed and goji berry so hopefully this highly concentrated serum will help my skin in the long run. The Little Alchemist currently has a 20% off sale using the code BLACK until Sunday night 1st December 2013.

Maeve's Vitality Face Serum
Lighter than The Little Alchemist serum, Maeve's Vitality Face Serum is easy to apply all over my face, and 2 or 3 drops is enough. It actually smells delicious, like orange and cinnamon cookies and makes my tummy rumble. This sample will last a very long time, but the card I've been given has a special offer. One full size bottle for $16 and you receive a 20gm pot of summer skin body butter free. Tempting! I wish there was a label on the bottle though, as once I've use this up, it may be hard to remember the name and brand.

Overall I'm happy with my Natures (I wish it had an apostrophe) beauty bag. The products and the bag itself are good quality, and I'm happy to see that some smaller, Australian makeup and skin care companies will have the opportunity to showcase their products internationally. I've had a look at all of their websites and there's a treasure trove of lovely products to choose from. I've signed up for an ongoing subscription, so now I'm looking forward to the January Bag. What do you think? Do you, or would you like to subscribe to a beauty or other bag/box? I happened to have noticed there's some delicious food boxes out there too.

Natures Beauty Bag Subscription Prices
Australia $29.95 every two months (first bag is $24.95)

New Zealand, U.S.A, U.K., Canada, Singapore $44.95 every 2 months (first bag $39.95)

You can cancel any time. Postage is included in the price. You can buy just one bag rather than subscribe. For more details, take a look at the Natures Beauty Bag website.

I paid for my subscription with my own money. This is in no way a sponsored post.

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  1. What a great way to try and learn about all natural products. I love the assortment they give you and what a great price. That lipstick color alone is very pretty! :D Enjoy your new products Susannah.

  2. Most of the Australian and New Zealand beauty products that I've tried I have loved and have bought them by accident. Loved this post and thanks for sharing about your items. Have a lovely weekend./Madison :-)

  3. Oh that's a really nice mix of products for one of those subscription bags! :)

    Although you're brave to try that bar, it did NOT sound tasty at all with that mix of ingredients, haha! :)

    Nice idea for gifts for makeup lovers too! :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Hi Susannah thank you for a GREAT review we really appreciate it. We are so pleased you liked our November Natures Beauty Bag.

  5. This bag looks really good! I kind of want to try it.

  6. I love and want it all, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Love and sunshine, dear Susannah.

  7. These look like fantastic products doll!! I once tried these natural snacks made of peas, now I'm not a fan of peas, but they were actually quite yummy, so i hope that snack bar is good too. Really lovely stuff. I hope you have a gorgeous week doll!! Lots of loves Xxxx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  8. Looks like a really awesome beauty bag. The lip balm must smell beautiful! And that cleansing oil sounds interesting...

  9. wonderful post! love seeing whats in other peoples bags :D really like the cherry brown lipstick! the color is lovely :D

  10. Crossbody Bag
    I'm so glad you do!! Good luck! I hope your week is a great one.

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