Friday, 20 December 2013

Couleur Caramel Compact Foundation Review

I'm going to cut right to the chase here. Couleur Caramel's Compact Foundation is my absolute favourite foundation of the year. After trying 8 foundations in total, this one wins by a country mile. Why? Finally I have a foundation with medium to high coverage, a beautiful finish, looks natural and lasts all day. What a relief, mission accomplished, my search is over! Oh and not only does my skin look natural, all the ingredients are natural too. What more could a girl want in her foundation? Nothing I tell you, nothing. If you think of something... let me know.
Compact foundation comes in a solid form encased in a cute twist up tube making it great for travel. No hassles about breaking glass bottles, and no waste from pouring too much onto your hand. 
Couleur Caramel Compact Foundation
in 12 Light Beige and 14 Golden Beige
There's 5 shades to choose from. Initially I bought the lower shade swatched here, Golden Beige. Obviously not my best colour matching effort for the year haha. Oh well, I use it for contouring. The top shade is Light Beige which is perfect for my skin tone. It's warm, but not too yellow, not at all pink and really quite radiant. It's actually a very pretty colour. 
Compact Foundation application is incredibly quick. It's going to sound weird, but I apply it directly to my face like a kid with a glue stick. I start by drawing on three lines like cat whiskers. Who said foundation can't be fun? Then I'll just do a streak on the other parts of my face, grab my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, and buff it into my skin. While the coverage is higher than average, if I want to add more to problem areas, I swipe my brush over the foundation stick, and pat it on my skin until I have the coverage I need.
Brilliant coverage
Wear time is amazing, comparable to Revlon Colorstay
Natural finish. Not too matte, as long as you moisturise first
Improves the appearance of pores and fine lines
Great shine control
Fast and easy application
Compact and no glass, great for travel
No pouring means no waste at all
100% natural ingredients
Cruelty Free

Twist up tube can be a bit dodgy, mine is loose in the tube but goes up and down fine
No SPF although that makes it great for photos. I have SPF in my moisturiser anyway
High end price but if you're a blogger, right now you can become a beauty ambassador, and get it at half off bringing it to down to drugstore price

Overall I'm so pleased to find a product that ticks all of the boxes for a foundation. Couleur Caramel Compact Foundation is my Foundation of the year!

Note: I purchased my Couleur Caramel Compact Foundation from Love Organic Beauty. As a beauty blogger I was able to buy mine half off as part of the beauty ambassador program. All opinions are my own.
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  1. It looks great doll!! Ones in tubes are usually a bit dodgy in twisting them up. I had one that I twisted up and the product just fell out, haha. So, I had to go back tot he store and get another. But, this looks great. I hope you have a marvellous weekend doll. Almost Christmas day now :))) xx

  2. Sounds like a wonderful foundation. Love a stick foundation. No mess!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas! x

  3. It sounds wonderful, such a great review! Glad you have found your perfect foundation! :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. I am a HUGE fan of Couleur Caramel!!
    I'm so excited about buying this foundation. I think I would also be a light beige gal as well :)
    Thanks so much for the review. You've got me even more excited now....just gotta wait for chrissy and NYE to pass and then I'm gunna buy.

  5. I've never heard of it! Looks awesome on you. When you find something you like, you "stick" with it. HAHAHAHA Have a great weekend Susannah!

  6. This sounds and looks amazing--I've never heard of it but am going to look for it now :) Hoping you're having a wonderful holiday weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. A very thorough review and there's no mess with a stick either.

  8. Great review, will definitely need to try this product out. Thanks for sharing :) xx

  9. o0o this is so intriguing!! i'd love to see how it looks on!!
    i'm trying to up my makeup game and organic products are seriously ruling as the best!
    have a great holiday! will definitely be looking into this product!
    xx Corinne


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