Friday, 28 February 2014

Acrylic pink glitter manicure

Today I stepped into the nail salon, and delved into the (somewhat controversial) world of acrylic nails. Yes I've heard the horror stories of having your nail bed ground back, of nail infections, and getting home and realising your long nails mean you can't unbutton your pants to pee. But hey, I love the set and forget aspect, the durability, and look of acrylic nails. If it doesn't work out, I just won't do it again.

Filtered sun light
I was assigned Johnny, and from what I can tell, he's the owner and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. At one point, the client next to me said that Tom could take off her old false nails, but Johnny had to do her new acrylics. My response was No! he's mine hehe. Johnny spent a full hour focusing intently on me and my nails, I don't know the last time I had that much attention! He stopped every now and then to ask exactly what I wanted, I definitely appreciated that. He was also ever so gentle, I never felt like he was rough on my nails.

In full sun light
I love the pink glitter, it reminds me of some Hello Kitty polish in my collection. The length is fine for texting, typing on the computer, and even visiting the loo. If they get too long, I've been told it's fine to file them shorter at home. The client next to me said square tips are more durable, so I went with those, but I'm not sure if they look a little too wide like that. 

So, what do you think of acrylic nails? Go on, tell me your horror story if you have one. In about 2-3 weeks I'm told they'll need filling in (at the cuticle where they will have grown out a little). A full set was $55, fill ins are $29. I'll let you know how I go.

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  1. They look lovely doll...a lot of people get these and they come out just fine. I can't take the smell of them getting down, it always makes me sick, so I've never had them done. My older sister used to do the nails in a salon and the smell was too much for me. The glitter is a perfect glitter :)) Have a gorgeous weekend doll xx

  2. I think they don't smell as bad as they used to. I'm pretty sensitive to smells, I get a headache with most perfumes, but I was fine today. Good point though, I've walked by some pretty whiffy salons in the past.

  3. They look lovely! I like the glitter :) Glad that they are a practical length for you too :)

    I've never tried acrylic nails - like you I've heard horror stories! So I just stick with colourful polish. Which I haven't worn in so long being pregnant. I even bought zoya so I'd have polish to wear in pregnancy, but I figure I can survive 9 months without pretty nails :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Yes Mica, I love pretty nails, but wanted to avoid chemicals when I was pregnant. I did paint my toe nails for my labours though. I felt like it was that little bit of dignity no one could take away :D.

  4. i had them twice. really no horror stories with me, except one time i tried to take them off myself without the right stuff. HAHAHA yeah, don't do that! leave it to a professional. messed up my nails underneath. so i did it to myself. i just use polish on my natural nails now.

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