Tuesday, 4 February 2014

(What's in my) Natures Beauty Bag January 2014

If you've been checking back here for updates on my blog recently, please accept my deepest apologies for being M.I.A. of late. Let's just say the Christmas break was busier than expected. It has been lovely to get out doors and have lots of family time though. Hopefully now you'll see me more frequently here on sparkle2day in coming months.

Today I'm easing myself back into blogging with a post about the January Natures Beauty Bag. O.K. I know it's actually February now, but in my defence, I did just get my bag on Jan 28th. On the up side, (unlike some other beauty subscriptions) I wasn't charged for my bag until shortly before it was sent, so that was good at least. So, what's in the bag?

Rubifresh Hydrating Body Gel RRP $42
Initially I thought this was a body gel for use in the shower, but it's actually to be used as a moisturiser, alone, or under a body lotion. It's a lightweight, non sticky gel which smells like peppermint (to me), and leaves my skin silky soft. I'm guessing the high price tag is due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid which increases your skin's ability to hold water, giving a moisturising and plumping effect.

From The Bean Coffee Body Scrub RRP $14.95
The info. card included "From The Bean" starts off with the question Why Coffee Scrub? They must have read my mind, why indeed? Apparently, caffeine is the main ingredient in most cellulite treatments. It's my understanding that cellulite tends to appear as you get older, as muscle mass to your thigh are reduces, and it is replaced with fat. I'm not overly optimistic about caffeine fixing this, but there's also other goodies such as glycolic acid, for exfoliation and fighting bacteria, and Vitamin E to boost collagen and treat scars and brown spots, which sound nice, as this scrub may also be used for the face. I haven't tried this one yet, I'll let you know how I go.

Ayana Organics Vanilla Body Butter RRP $37.65
The Ayana Organics Vanilla Body Butter sample comes with a free shipping code, so they do know the way to an online shoppers heart. This Body Butter is thick, creamy and very moisturising without being oily. It smells mildly of vanilla which is a welcome relief as my current pot of body butter's fragrance repels my hubby and gives me a headache. I'd much rather use Ayana's Vanilla Body Butter, but it is a bit pricey at $37.65.

Absolutely Gorgeous hand and body lotion sample RRP $5.95
Absolutely Gorgeous hand and body lotion has a mild botanical fragrance that won't give you a headache. It's also non greasy, and easily absorbed. Great for in your hand bag or car when you don't want your hands slipping off the steering wheel! I like that the screw cap on this bottle means it won't leak. This sample comes with a $10 voucher. I've had my eye on the Absolutey Gorgeous Pink Exfoliating Clay Mask for a while, so I may well put it towards that.

Nonie of Beverly Hills Brilliant Moisturizer RRP $59.95
Nonie of Beverly Hills Brilliant Moisturizer feels heavy like a night cream as I apply it, but once absorbed, my skin feels lovely and hydrated, but not oily at all. It actually smells like lemon meringue pie which I didn't expect. What a tease! This moisturizer has an exfoliating effect too, I like it when a moisturizer has dual benefits, so it's a thumbs up from me.

Etherealle Eyeshadow in Buttercream RRP $10.30
Etherealle mineral eyeshadow in Buttercream looks quite frosty in the sunlight, but indoors looks matte. It blends easily. I've been finding it a pleasure to use as an under brow highlight shade which looks less harsh than white and is perfect for earthy toned eyeshadow looks. 

Fresh Cream Tinted Rose Lip Balm with Gold Shimmer RRP$3.40
This lip balm gives just a hint of colour, but what I really like is that it leaves my lips lovely and moisturized without that crispy after effect you can get from brands like Maybelline's Baby Lips. It's also a fetching price at $3.40. I recommend you check out the seller's Etsy store, TLC Creations to see the most gorgeous items including unique jewellery, hair accessories and perfume oils all at great prices.

TLC Creations Butt Naked Fruit Salad Perfume Oil RRP $15
I'm not a big perfume oil fan. This one is pleasant, but probably not the one I'd choose to buy. It comes with a 15% off code though. I had a look at TLC Creations's other perfumes, they all have quirky names. One of them is called Fluffy Easter Bunny Farts! I'm guessing it's chocolately?? 

Fino Confections Strawberry Flavoured Jells RRP $5.99
Now I'm not normally into lollies, but oh man, this was the unexpected favourite of mine in the whole January Nature's Beauty Bag. These fino, strawberry flavoured jells are utterly, utterly delicious! I was in fruity heaven. Plus there's no artificial ingredients to send your kids wild either! They're only $5.99 at Coles supermarkets, someone hold me back!

I also received a $10 voucher for Marina's Ambrosia which was included in the bag last month too. It doesn't have a coupon code, so maybe it has to be used in store (Western Australia) which is a long drive from here. My only real gripe is that it took until late in January for my Natures Beauty Bag to come, and it was a long hard wait. Overall, I'm happy with the items I received, amount of items, and size of the samples. I'm keeping my subscription :D. 

I am in no way affiliated with Natures Beauty Bag, opinions are all my own.

Update: Natures Beauty Bag have kindly contacted me and let me know that the reason my bag comes late in the month, is because of the date I joined, and started payments. I am able to update my details for an early month arrival, so that's what I plan to do, hooray, my March bag just got closer :D.

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  1. Glad to see another post from you! :)

    Hope things clam down and you get back into the swing of blogging :)

    Away From Blue

  2. This bag looks full of great items, love the bag itself too. Super cool. Glad to see you back doll, I hope now things will be more relaxed for you!! Have a gorgeous week doll xx

  3. Lots of good stuff.
    Love and sunshine

  4. I love all the goodies, hope you enjoy them. There's nothing like new beauty products to perk up one's day!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. First of all, WELCOME BACK Susannah! I saw you on instagram and I would check your blog. I was hoping you didn't give up blogging, but I hated to ask (I don't like to do that). So glad you're back. Take it slow. I've slowed my blog roll a bit too. :) GREAT PRODUCTS! Vanilla this...Buttercream that...Very nice! Some really good moisturizers for all parts of your body. We need that this winter. I'm trying new skin care, because my face is DRYYYY. HaHaHa Excellent post doll.

  6. So pleased you like my Rose shimmer lip balm, I have many more colors and flavors At Fresh Cream on Etsy :)
    Louise Gorrie

  7. very interesting collection, simply superb post.

  8. Quite interesting one! I too have the same kind of hobby!!

  9. Good pics!! Awesome Beauty bag to stay young always.

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