Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Chi Chi Eye Brow Lift Two in One Review

Today I'm coming at you with the Chi Chi Eye Brow Lift Two in One Brow Shaper and Brow Highlighter. This one was an impulse buy at my local Target, in Australia you can also find Chi Chi at Myer. This two in one brow pencil retails for $14.95

Out of the box it looks like this. It's a chunky double ended pencil with a hard cover to protect each end.

The under brow highlight is a creamy light pink. Probably suited best to those with a fair skin tone. The consistency is creamy and blends in very nicely with a fingertip, giving the illusion of a lifted, defined brow. The brow shaper shade is a taupey medium brown. I think most skin tones and hair colours could get away with this shade.

Why I love it
In the morning rush, I become heavy handed with my make up application. When it comes to brows, this can very quickly turn into ANGRY brows. You know what I mean, too much product and definition, best kept for the evening, or a day it would help to look angry (shrugging shoulders, it might happen one day). This is when Chi Chi's 2 in 1 pencil is in it's element. The brow shaper shade already looks a bit dusky and blended out. No harsh lines, hooray! This is also an amazingly good pencil for smokey eyeliner, it already looks smoked out and ready to go. Love it!! Oh and the highlight colour is useful for a cool toned under brow and inner tear duct highlight, especially if I don't have time to reach for eye shadow.

But wait, there's just one catch!
When looking for a sharpener for this, I found an astounding amount of pencil sharpeners at our house. I'm talking about the kind that has a part for a small pencil, and a large one. I couldn't fit this chunky pencil into any of them. Didn't this issue come up in testing? I had to resort to using a stanley knife, and I can tell you, with my whittling skills, it wasn't pretty. Too much of the makeup part of the pencil came away, and I was left with a little sticking out sharp part to scratch my eye. There's no sharpener on the Chi Chi website. I've emailed them about it. I'll let you know if they respond.

I really do like this pencil. Any ideas re. sharpening? 

After weeks of searching through about 15 stores, I finally found one that stocks a sharpener which fits the Chi Chi Cosmetics 2 in 1 pencil. It's the Natio double pencil sharpener. Not only does it fit the Chi Chi pencil, it's made in Germany and excellent quality. I've added a pic below. Just 3 hours after purchasing this pencil, Chi Chi wrote to me and told me they finally have a sharpener available on their website here. So there you have it. My pencil is finally back in action.

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  1. Looks great doll...I use to sharpen pencils with a knife when there was no sharpener, but I hope the website can get back to you on that. Maybe there is a universal sharpener somewhere...I hope. xx

  2. Aww, such a shame you can't sharpen the pencil, especially as you like it so much!

    Away From Blue

  3. It looks awesome! I use to use something similar to give a little highlight under by brow. It gives it a nice lift. They should have a sharpener. I hate when it comes with a point that easily wears down. They know you have to sharpen it (unless they didn't "insert" enough product). Hope they answer you. Great review.

  4. Looks great. Try and see if you can find a makeup pencil sharpener for another brand. I use my Laura Mercier sharpener for all my drawing pencils, it's better than a real pencil sharpener.
    xo Mary Jo

  5. That is such a great brow color - I always forget to do mine most days. Maybe you can find a big sharpener for another pencil line that will work in the meantime.
    xo Mary Jo

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